Services at WN Bull Funerals


Of all life's celebrations the funeral liturgy can touch us the most deeply.

We prefer to place our trust and reliance on those who have the skill and experience to plan a funeral that has meaning and dignity. At least that's what Sydney families look for when they choose WN Bull Funerals.

As the liturgy expresses faith, it also contextualises the life of the deceased with traditional and contemporary elements.


Choices of services

There are many ways of celebrating the life of a deceased family member or friend. We arrange for religious services for all faiths at a church, or the funeral can be at another venue such as at your home, a park, the beach, at our Newtown chapel or at a chapel at a cemetery or crematorium. Often the choice of venue is influenced by the number of people who may attend.


Personalised celebrations of life

Many people today want the funeral to be a celebration of the person who has died. We can assist with ideas and examples of celebratory and personal touches, such as choosing themes, music, images and symbols that speak of the interests, loves and achievements of the deceased. 

As many crematorium chapels have facilities for making a video or displaying an audio-visual presentation, we can provide advice on making this part of the celebration.


Civil celebrants

Civil Celebrants are community members who conduct formal ceremonies, including non-religious funeral services. 

They are experienced in talking to the family about the deceased to learn about their life, and then, with the family’s guidance and support, the civil celebrant will craft and conduct a personal service. The celebrant may deliver a eulogy or reflection, and may also lead prayers, assist with the choice of hymns, readings and visual displays.

WN Bull Funerals can recommend a celebrant that is experienced in assisting families plan a service that suits their individual needs.