Arranging a funeral


With over 130 years of experience, we understand it can be overwhelming and confusing when a loved one passes. Our role is to bring families, friends and communities together for a celebration of life.

Our services reflect discretion and integrity, our staff guide families through every stage of the funeral planning process. With professional care from our highly trained staff, we will look after:

  • Transfer of your loved one into our care
  • Documentation and certificates
  • Arranging the funeral and burial or cremation

How to arrange a funeral

Our staff are here to help you organise a dignified funeral that is meaningful. In three steps, we will provide you with guidance on what to expect with arranging a funeral at WN Bull Funerals.


Step 1: Contact us to begin

Our compassionate Funeral Arrangers are available to assist you and your family 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 9519 5344

We can assist you and your family to bring your loved on into our care and begin the steps to arranging a funeral.

Step 2: Meet with a WN Bull funeral director

Our funeral director's role is to support and guide you during the entire process. Allow for 1-2 hours to meet with you funeral director to ensure that we cover all the details to prepare the funeral arrangements. 

Step 3: On the day of the funeral

On the day of the service, WN Bull Funerals will take care of everything. Our staff will look after you, your family and friends. The service will reflect the arrangement choices you have made and we will provide emotional support and guidance to you and your guests.