Prepaid funerals

Put those you love in the hands of those who care.

A prepaid WN Bull funeral will assist family members and ensure that every detail is attended to.

There are many benefits to a prepaid funeral

1. Pay today's price, beat rising costs.
With a prepaid funeral plan you pay today's price and avoid things like inflation and rising premiums. Pay in instalments or upfront, whatever works for you. A prepaid funeral is also exempt from the Centrelink assets test so it can help you qualify for a pension or part pension.

2. No ongoing payments.
With a prepaid funeral you only pay for the funeral you want. No additional costs and no premiums to pay for you or your family. The cost of a prepaid funeral will vary depending on the inclusions. Once paid in full there is no more to pay unless additional inclusions are incurred.

3. Remove the worry, give peace of mind.
When the time comes it's planned and paid for, family and friends won't have to deal with arrangement details or financial concerns, as everything is taken care of.

4. No extensive paperwork or health checks.
We'll walk you through the simple and quick process of preplanning your funeral.

5. Tailor your plan to meet your needs.
Prepaying your funeral service means you get your funeral service, your way.

You can use the Prepaid Funeral Enquiry form to list some of your preferences. We will then contact you to discuss the benefits of planning ahead with a Prepaid Funeral Plan. To speak to one of our experienced funeral directors, please call us directly on (02) 9519 5344.

Get Started Today

Call us on (02) 9519 5344 , or request a call back by completing your details below and one of our prepaid funeral consultants will call you.

Testament of Requests™

WN Bull Funerals has produced their own Testament of Requests™ booklet designed to enable you to record the details of how you would like to be remembered at your own funeral.

By doing so, family members left behind are able to organise services knowing that they are carrying out funeral arrangements in accordance with your express requests. It is important and satisfying for family members to know that the funeral is an accurate reflection of you, their ones’ life.

 A Testament of Requests™ booklet is provided with our compliments and is available by phoning us or by using our online contact us form (please indicate full name and address in the enquiry field).

We’ll gladly post it to you and once completed would ask that we are able to record the details on our database for future reference before returning it to you.