Is it weak to show grief?


Grief is not a sign of weakness or poor coping skills, it is a normal and a healthy part of the healing process. It might seem impossible to you now, but most people eventually deal with their loss. You can do it too.

This does not mean that your grief will be ‘cured’ or that you should forget the person who has died. Even in years to come there might be occasions when you will still feel sad.

It is best not to put a time frame on the whole experience of grief. This creates unrealistic expectations and doesn’t allow for individual differences. You need to deal with your grief and face any changes in your life. To do that you may need to:

  • Talk about it (it will help let it sink in)
  • Look after yourself (eat, drink, sleep, get fresh air and try to avoid alcohol and sedatives)
  • Ask for help (don’t think you have to cope on your own)
  • Understand your friends (friends can be impatient so tell them what you feel and share your grief)
  • Be aware of advice givers (don’t allow people to entice you into replacing or avoiding your grief - e.g. going on holidays or buying a car)

Accept loss as a part of life. When you love someone, you must also be willing to let them go when their life ends.

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