How do I cope with loss?


Loss can come into our lives in lots of ways, and it affects each of us differently. One of the biggest and most difficult losses comes due to the death of someone really important to you. 

When a person experiences the loss of someone they love, they are forced to deal with grief but unfortunately, most of us are unprepared for how to handle it, especially if we have never had to deal with grief before. 

In your own time and in your own way you need to deal with your grief and face the changes to your life. Some things you can do to help that process include:

  • Accept how you feel – understand that what you are feeling is natural – it will help it sink in. Let yourself cry, talk about the loss, or have a laugh. Let yourself feel what you are feeling. The feeling will pass eventually.
  • Accept loss as a part of life – loving someone includes a willingness to let them go when their life ends.
  • Be kind to yourself – eat, drink, sleep, get fresh air and try to avoid alcohol and sedatives. Do things you like doing. Treat yourself to things that make you happy.
  • Talk about your feelings – don’t think you have to cope on your own. Talk to someone you trust. Support from family and friends is important when someone has died. You may also wish to seek grief counselling which can be very effective in coping with grief and loss.
  • Take each step at a time – live each day as it comes. Understand and accept disruption in your life. Take control of things you can. Understand there are things you have little or no control over. Give yourself permission to grieve.
  • Explore your spirituality – pray, meditate or spend some time with nature. Use your own personal spirituality to explore what death or loss means to you and your spiritual self. 
  • Change – your routine will change and you will change. You need to accept that is part of the process and when you feel right – start something new. Don't feel guilty about this, it is part of healing. 

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