Arranging a Funeral

Arranging a Funeral

Arranging a funeral will include deciding if you'd like flowers and a hearse

At WN Bull Funerals we arrange personal and meaningful funeral services for our client families.

A death can occur in all sorts of situations and circumstances e.g. at home, unexpectedly, overseas, in a hospital or nursing home.

During our initial conversation, we will normally make arrangements to transfer the deceased into our care and make arrangements for us to meet with you to discuss the funeral details.

When it is convenient, we will meet with you to gather information and make preparations for the funeral. This meeting could be at your home or at one of our funeral homes. At this time, one of our funeral consultants will discuss the various practical and celebratory aspects of a funeral with you.

There are also a number of documents that will need to be completed. Some of the details we will need to discuss include:

  • Time and place of the funeral and whether there is to be a burial or cremation 
  • Whether there will be a viewing 
  • Particular clothing for the deceased 
  • Death and funeral notices for the newspaper
  • Music selections

At the conclusion of the meeting, we will provide you with an estimate of costs associated with the funeral. Our staff will then follow through the decisions made at the time of the meeting.


WN Bull Funerals offers a repatriation service.

If the death occurs in Australia, we will work with one of our affiliated funeral homes located near the place of death and will arrange for the preparation and transportation of the remains on your behalf.

If the death occurs overseas, our experienced funeral directors will liaise with all involved parties; including the Embassy, hospital, police and the Coroner, should it be necessary.

For further information about WN Bull Funerals and the services we offer, please call us directly on:

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