Restoration to Honour Founders

As a special way of commemorating the 120th anniversary of WN Bull Funerals, Patsy Healy is liaising with the Catholic Cemeteries Board about restoring William and Marys Bull’s graves, which lie within the Roman Catholic section of the Rookwood Necropolis.

William Bull died on 30 September 1932, at the age of 63, after a long illness. His obituary in the Sydney Morning Herald made note of his prominent association with the Newtown and Marrickville cricket and football clubs, as well as his achievements in the State bowling championships. A more personal tribute published in Bowling Life described him as one of “nature’s gentlemen”, “a man of the highest integrity, honest in his convictions, kind in his ways”.

William and Mary's graves were restored in 2012 as part of the WN Bull Funerals 120 year anniversary, honouring the founders of the company.

A Requiem Mass for William Bull was held at St Brigid’s Church in Coogee, presided over by the Rev. Dr. Cregan of Newtown. When Mary Bull died seven years later, the Catholic Press eulogised her as “a truly Catholic wife and mother” whose “kindness and charity were widespread”. A Requiem Mass was celebrated for Mary at St Joseph’s Church, Newtown, by Father Byrne. William and Mary’s burial site can be found at Rookwood within Section Grave Mortuary 1, Area T, Grave 753.

“Restoring William and Mary Bull’s graves strikes me as a respectful and very apt method of honouring our founders’ memory and remembering WN Bull’s earliest days,” said Patsy Healy, General Manager, WN Bull.