Through the Years

Through the Years

As a special way of commemorating the 120th anniversary of WN Bull Funerals, Patsy Healy is liaising with the Catholic Cemeteries Board about restoring William and Marys Bull’s graves, which lie within the Roman Catholic section of the Rookwood Necropolis.

WN Bull Funerals was founded long before computers, typewriters and even ball-point pens came into existence. Leather-bound ledgers and books of accounts, preserved from the business’ earliest days, show neat columns laboriously inscribed with ink-filled fountain pens.

Through the Years

With 120 years of history, there are some important dates and events WN Bull Funerals has participated in. Find out more.

Three-quarters of a century ago, the Catholic Church entrusted to WN Bull Funerals the responsibility for arranging the funeral of one of its most distinguished servants.

The funeral arranged for the Honourable John Joseph Cahill M.L.A., the only NSW Premier to have died in office, was one of the most substantial services that WN Bull Funerals has ever arranged.

In the aftermath of a battle in Syria in the early stages of the Second World War, a young Australian lieutenant lay seriously wounded for a long day and night before it was possible to rescue him.

A company with a 120-year history of service to the community, during one of life’s most testing situations, is also certain to be a witness to marked transformations in the way that society meets that challenge.