About Us

WN Bull Funerals staffPatsy Healy (centre) and funeral directors from WN Bull Funerals.


About Us

WN Bull Funerals is a Sydney funeral home with a reputation for providing funeral services with dignity, discretion and integrity since 1892.

We serve every suburb in Sydney and have locations in Newtown and Parramatta.

In 2017 WN Bull Funerals celebrate our 125 year anniversary. WN Bull Funerals was established in King Street, Newtown in December 1892 by William Nugent Bull and his wife Mary Bull, whose emphasis was to provide care for the whole community.

The extensive company archives range from 1892 to the present day.

WN Bull Funerals remains committed to its original dedication of assisting its client families in a meaningful and personalised funeral experience.

To speak to one of our experienced funeral directors, please call us directly:

(02) 9519 5344

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